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Academic Experience

EU Business School


  • Online Campus 2015 to date

  • Geneva & Montreux Campus 2014 - 2015

Professor of Business Administration

Business Management, Responsible Management, Organizational Communication, Negotiation, HRM, Entrepreneurship, New Product Development, Digital Consumer, Cryptocurrencies & Study Skills

About EU Business School (European University):

  • Accreditations: ACBSP, IACBE, Ceeman IQA & EduQua

  • Campus: Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Online

  • Validating and Accrediting Partners: The University of Derby, London Metropolitan University,  Dublin Business School, The Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) 

LSBE London School of Business & Education

United Kingdom

  • Online Campus 2020 to date

IQA Internal Quality Assurance & Professor of Business Administration & Education 

Strategic Management, Leadership, Human Resource Management & Education and Training

About London School of Business & Education:

  • Accreditations: ASCB, CPD Certification Service

  • Campus: Online

  • Validating and Accrediting Partners: OTHM Qualifications

Management Sciences Trainer


  • Onsite and online, 2019 to 2022


Management Sciences Trainer
Communication, Negotiation, HRM, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Accounting and Finance

International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences


  • Online Campus (Spring 2020)

Adjunct faculty

Process and Quality Management

About Hochschule Bremen:

  • Accreditations: ZEvA and AQAS

  • Campus: Bremen and Online



  • Online Campus 2019 to 2020

Adjunct Faculty

  • Leadership and Research (DBA)​

Westford University College


  • Online Campus 2018 to 2020


Professor of Business Administration

Pearson BTEC Level 7: Leadership, Management,  Marketing, Creativity, Innovation and HRM & Research Methods for Strategic Managers​

Immersive Business Training


  • On campus and online campus 2017 to 2019

Professor of Education

Teaching and learning in higher education, Pedagogy and learning process, Methods of teaching, Educational assessment, Classroom management, Pedagogical innovation, Andragogy, Online teaching and Learning, Pedagogical communication

Professor of Business Administration

Managerial Economics, Management, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Accounting

University of Montreal


  • On campus and online 2011 to 2018


Professor Associated with the Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy
Joint lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy
Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy
Lecturer and Teaching assistant, Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy

University of California, Los Angeles UCLA

United States of America

  • On campus 2013 - 2014


UCLA Postdoctoral Scholarship

Research on Pedagogical innovations at university​

  •   Higher Education Research Institute

  •   Graduate School of Education and Communication


Other university teaching experiences on campus


  • Faculty development instructor at UAE University



  • Faculty development instructor at InnovAgogique® Lab

  • Adjunct professor of the Montreux Business University

  • Adjunct professor of the Geneva Business School

  • Faculty development instructor at Geneva Business School

Corporate training


  • Law

  • Accounting

  • Compliance

  • Management

Other teaching experiences


  • French as second language (primary school, GCSE O and A levels)

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