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Attend Holistic Coaching Retreats and Seminars That Can Change Your Life 

Mental imbalance, stress, and burnout are becoming a common part of our lives. Nearly everyone you know is struggling with something that impacts their mental clarity and affects their performance.

If you are in a similar situation, then Dr. Anne Walder’s coaching retreats and seminars can help you escape the stress of your everyday life, re-vitalise your mind and body, and re-focus on your goals.

We offer four types of retreats.

10-day retreat

7-day retreat

4-day retreat

2-day retreat

You can choose something that suits your busy schedule and enjoy a much-needed getaway that helps you relax, reset, and rejuvenate, 

What Can You Expect From Dr. Anne Walder’s Retreats?

Dr. Anne Walder’s retreats are carefully designed to help you get the reprieve you seek from daily stressors and reclaim your love for life. They offer a safe space meant to stimulate you mentally, physically, and emotionally, and promotes total wellness.


Here’s what you can expect if you sign up for a retreat: 

✔    Beautiful, scenic locations
✔    Holistic therapies focused on managing daily stressors 
✔    Health and wellness coaching 

✔    Classes and workshops
✔    Wellness and empowerment workshops 
✔    Regular meals and comfortable accommodation 

Our wellness and empowerment workshops will focus on tackling the problems that confront you regarding your health, interpersonal relationships, romantic relationships, career, family, and more. You can also expect to benefit from holistic coaching therapies such as Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Adult Learning theories, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Strength-Based Coaching, etc. 
The itinerary, number of workshops, and types of holistic therapies used will vary as per the type of retreat you sign up for. You can also engage in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Anne Walder where you can discuss your goals, the challenges that confront you, and potential solutions that might help. 
Get in touch with me today to learn more. 

What Can You Expect to Find at Dr. Anne Walder’s Coaching Seminars?

Dr. Anne Walder’s coaching seminars focus on new developments in leadership, wellness, career, health, and other areas. You can also expect to hear from numerous experts and life coaches, and learn about basic and advanced coaching methods that can help facilitate your growth and manage daily stressors that trigger your anxieties.

Here’s what you can expect if you attend Dr. Anne Walder’s coaching seminars:

✔    Learn about new research and gain new insights 
✔    Develop new perspectives on topics that interest you 
✔    Engage in networking and meet like-minded individuals who may share your interests 

Being a part of Dr. Anne Walder’s seminars can offer new opportunities for learning, growth, and support. Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

Are You Interested In Learning More About Dr. Anne Walder’s Retreats and Seminars? 

Contact Me Today

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