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About Dr. Anne Walder

 Dr. Anne Walder is a life coach, a professor, and an entrepreneur with many years of experience in each area. She is known for her in-depth expertise, compassion, and dedication toward her clients. She specialises in a variety of coaching techniques and innovations that allow her to help her clients achieve their professional and personal goals.

On an educational front, she is a Doctor of Business Administration and holds a PhD in Education as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Dr. Anne M. Walder - The Person

Dr. Anne Walder comes from humble beginnings. She was an orphan from war and was adopted at a young age. Her adoptive mother is French while her father is Swiss. She first faced racism when she was a child and has become well-versed with the damage it can cause to an individual’s sense of identity. 
As an adult, Dr. Anne went through a number of destructive relationships and singlehandedly raised three kids while balancing the demands of her career and her education. Despite having dyslexia, Dr. Anne was able to acquire two Masters degrees and two doctorates, all the while working and caring for her children so they could successfully graduate.
She has lived in various parts of the world including Switzerland, France, Canada, USA, UAE, Malta, and Turkey.

Her life experiences help her be a better coach and allow her to help people from all kinds of backgrounds and empathize with their struggles. 

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Dr. Anne M. Walder - The Coach

Ph.D., D.B.A., M.B.A., CMgr FCMI, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™

 As a coach, Dr. Anne Walder is highly trained and has guided various clients by offering them the encouragement, support, and motivation they need to work on themselves and thrive. She offers executive coaching, holistic coaching, wellness coaching, and career coaching solutions that help her clients transform their lives and feel empowered. 
She utilises a combination of the following concepts and practices to support her clients in their transformation journey: 

Authenticity  Honesty Trust Discretion Privacy Confidentiality

✔    Neuroscience and Brain-Based coaching
✔    Positive Psychology
✔    Strength-Based Coaching

✔    Emotional Intelligence Coaching
✔    Appreciative Inquiry
✔    NLP Coaching, applications of Systems Theories

✔    Adult Learning Theories
✔    Change Theories
✔    Neurobiology and Self-regulation
✔    Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines 

That’s not all. Dr. Anne’s predilection for innovation and her desire to pursue lifelong learning also motivate her to seek professional training every year to acquire new knowledge and develop skills.

Dr. Anne M. Walder - The Professor

Dr. Anne holds 11 years of teaching experience at several leading North American and European academic institutions. She was a UCLA postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2013-2014. Later, she was appointed as a Professor at the University of Montreal in Canada from 2014-2018. 
As a highly reputed member of academia, Dr. Anne has lectured students from various cultural and social backgrounds. She designs and develops courses and programmes, and supervises research. Her fields of study include business administration, education, law, and finance. 

Dr. Anne M. Walder - The Entrepreneur

Dr. Anne also holds more than 20 years of experience in business management. She has assumed several management roles in the past, including the title of  Director. A highly effective leader, Dr. Anne has led several organisations to success. She is well-versed in developing business strategies that focus on achieving the organisation’s goals in a cost-efficient manner. 
Her experience as a leader also allows her to work with other entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking executive coaching. She helps them unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, and foster a culture of success within their organisation. 

Why Choose Dr. Anne Walder As Your Life Coach

Highly Qualified

Dr. Anne’s extensive practical experience and her in-depth knowledge allows her to quickly identify the challenges and obstacles that stand between you and your goals. Her coaching methods have had a high level of success and can enable you to grow, innovate, and inspire.

Compassionate and Empathetic 

Dr. Anne is passionate about helping others and genuinely cares about helping her clients live their best lives. Her holistic approach, combined with her compassion and empathy for people, enables her to offer you a comprehensive lifestyle plan that supports your growth.


As a life coach, Dr. Anne is highly versatile and well-versed with a variety of problems such as trauma, burnout, financial troubles, parenting issues, career problems, and more. Her experience allows her to offer a wide range of insights that can help you tackle any obstacle that stands in your way.

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