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Feedback from former students

Nicholas Böhnlein

DBA Candidate

"I had the pleasure to be taught by Professor Walder for my BBA degree at European Business University, Geneva and afterwards as my Professor and Dissertation Coordinator during my DBA degree at European Business University, Luxembourg. Professor Walder is a very progressive, pragmatic yet creative academic, translating her enthusiasm for research in the way she taught and supported me throughout the process. Her blend of professional and academic experience has helped me tremendously during the research process and her structured, kind and relevant advises make studying a joyful and encouraging experience. Simply put: I can only recommend Professor Dr. Walder! :D Thank you very much for your great support!"

Erlend Tvinnereim

MBA Candidate

"Dr. Prof. Anne served as one of my professors during my MBA in PR and Communication. She also supervised my thesis with great knowledge and engagement. I was indeed very pleased to have such a qualified teacher for both courses and the in-depth work with my thesis. Not only did she help me greatly with her knowledge, but she was truly supportive and engaged in my topic, which made the process a lot more encouraging! Absolutely recommendable! "

Ismail El Araby

MBA Candidate

"Extremely professional, supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly personnel, special thanks to Dr. Anne. Highly recommended 😍👍🏼"

Linda Hnatovicova

Entrepreneurship Student

"Dear curious explorers,

I have studied because I plan to open my own gallery in Dubai and this institute is an eye opener. I have learned skills, theory and things about myself I wasn’t aware of. Dr Anne is incredibly professional and focuses on you individually and on your goals in life.

I want to thank Dr Anne who a has a doctorate in various fields, because of her style of teaching I gained confidence and can’t wait to start a new life in the UAE.

Wish you all the best and success!

Thank you!!

Kind regards Linda"

Natalia Perides

Management Student

"Dr. Anne was amazing. Very interesting courses in a nice office. She is so smart and have so much to share. It was a great pleasure and experience. Thanks for everything!"


MBA Candidate

"Training approach was unique. Dr Anne had a great knowledge on how and what has to be delivered to the candidate based on the profile of the candidate.​

The training was blended based and experience on the topic and according to my job requirement."

IGC - Anne Walder.JPG

Final Professor Evaluation

Human Resources Management (MBA)



Thanks Mam for wonderful session and some interesting real world cases like of SYSCO and Airbnb. People usually concentrate on customers but some times miss out on its employees...This course very well highlighted this idea and has prepared we as future managers to equally concentrate on our employees for a smoothing functioning.

I would like to thank the Professor Anne Walder for such great course! Really enjoyed her educational approach and will definitely like to take part in her classes in the future. She contributed a lot into our education.

The teacher is obviously passionate about teaching. All lessons were spotless prepared, and the reading suggestions posted were right on the lesson thematic. 


I love this professor! She was always enthusiastic, excited, and passionate about the subject material, and was always very well-prepared with her content, power-point presentations, and additional videos/applications. I enjoyed her classes very much, and could listen to her talk for hours more because of the level of knowledge, analysis, and depth that she brought to the content. I will miss her classes!


Great classes over the weeks, very practical case studies and examples. Prof was very professional and excellent.

no observations


Nothing to complain. Good lectures, interesting case, enriching discussions, very detailed and good feedback. Always available for any questions. I really liked the course.

I like how organized and prepared that this teacher is. She gave us plenty of notice on what was expected for us with assignments. She made class enjoyable and it was easy to apply what she taught in real world examples.

I enjoyed Dr. Anne's class, she covered the main topics and concepts in every class and keep the course interesting and dynamic.

Lecturer shared real life examples and made the classes interactive.


Dr. Walder utilized Moodle adeptly, was prompt with inquiries over email, and was overall nice and professional.

Very good course and excellent Professor

I can note that in a period of 10 weeks I learned new and useful information regarding the Human Resource Management subject.


Each lesson with Dr.Anne was very informative and varied, with the help of different videos and polls the lessons were not boring, but rather informative. The professor has always been well prepared for each online class and was always ready to help and answer the questions.


Really good balance between Forums per week.


Well prepared professor!


I am glad that i had Dr. Anne as professor. This was very nice time and i am grateful for all knowledge that i get from her.

Anonymous feedback

BBA and MBA Students

Among three professors that I had chance to work with by this time Anne is the most professional one. Anne involves students to discussion more then others.

The content has focused a lot on globalisation which is what we are facing. The course works leaded me to more understand why the current world works in this way. Excellent!!

Very satisfied from the course, a lot of good learning skills which adding a good value to our business

I took this subject before on campus with another teacher. And I'd like to admit that Dr Anne is a great teacher and expert in negotiation! finally, I understood what is this subject about) I fill that my skills improved thanks to this course. I'm very happy that i took it)

Love Dr. Anne and her teaching style. No ifs or maybes on what is happening in the course and she's quick to explain if you do not understand anything. Hoping to have her as my thesis supervisor! A no brainer 10!

Great professor, helped us a lot in the class and was always trying to make the course as manageable as possible

Great course! and I liked the group project! Thank you

The professor is good in time management in webinar for every week, and the professor is good in highlighting the importance of the topic for every week, giving feedbacks and comments for the case study to be discussed in every week, 

Whole course was perfectly prepared by professor from day one while enriched with real world examples and materials, so it was a true pleasure working on various assignments while learning from such well-prepared course.

Very productive course and already applying the knowledge acquired at my daily woking activities

I really enjoyed this class and the lecturer was very nice and delivered sessions well. One of the worst things about doing an online course is that lecturers don't enable you to engage, but this Anne did a really good job of getting us to interact which I appreciate. Overall, very informative and worth while.

I really enjoyed this class. It was quite a broad view of HR, more in context and looking at the economic terms.


The course has been great and the professor is well prepared and provided very good videos and articles.

Anne is a great teacher. I think it is not only important that one is an expert in their field... but that if they go into teaching, are also able to teach students to high levels of understanding. Anne certainly achieved that. 

I did not know a lot about HR, but after I had courses I became more knowledge to realize what is the Function of HR Special in Global Cultural which effected in the Organization and so. 
I am glad what I learned from this course of HRM.

A very good professor who enjoys what she teaches and gets the students involved as well :D


Dr  Anne is really passionate about the topic and successfully manages to transfer the passion to the students - thank you Anne to make HR such an intersting topic, will try to impact my company.

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